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When it comes to options trading, probability is money. And no one does probability better than ODDS.

"In essence, all trading decisions are based on the laws of probability..."

ODDS Analytics Helps You See Probability That's Real.

See How Markets

"It teaches us something about the performance of markets that perhaps we knew but couldn't really illustrate."

Compare probability based on what really happens to the odds assumed by the most widely used options models.

See What Traders Are
REALLY Thinking

"Imagine the possibilities and weigh them by the probabilities... the very essence of options trading."

Get options traders' expected odds by measuring probabilities implied by options prices.

See What Options Are

"You make money when the collective misprices the odds."

Get the most accurate option values using actual market behavior instead of "unrealistic assumptions".

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"ODDS is the very first step in an intensive training process each of my traders must complete. ODDS teaches my traders the real meaning of volatility and it gives them the tools to calculate probability. It gives them the knowledge they must have in order to progress."

Jon Najarian, US Options Lifetime Contribution Award Winner

Smarter Probability Fuels Bigger Profits

Whether it's identifying hidden risk, measuring market expectations, or valuing options with better precision based on what happens in the real world, ODDS provides analytics that will improve your results.

Forecast Prices

Get the most accurate option values derived from the specific probability distribution for any stock, any time.

Define Expectations

What are traders thinking? How are they positioned? Optimize your market knowledge with a visual and quantitative assessment in an instant.

Reduce Risk

Don't let unpredictable moves shock your portfolio. Shine a light on risk that's hidden by outdated one-size-fits-all models.

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