Always Know the Odds Before You Place a Trade

Smart bettors always know the odds before they place a bet. Why should option traders be any different?

ODDS EXP rapidly turns option prices into probability so you can see expected probabilities. It’s the first application of its kind, where you can actually see what the market is expecting based on real-world trades options investors are making.

Get the odds before you place another trade. Get ODDS Expected Probability.

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"It’s like Vegas Odds Makers,
Only for Options Trading."

Just as anyone can look at the odds in Vegas and infer expected probability, ODDS EXP uses a similar approach to create Probability Distributions for stocks, indexes and ETFs.  We convert observed option prices into expected probabilities that the stock will lie within a specific price range at a certain time.

One Click Instantly Measures Expected
Probability and Price Forecasts

Take Profitable Trades  
More Often

When you know what the market is expecting, you can be more selective about the trades you take. This means you’re more likely to find trades with a better chance of profit.

Size Positions Correctly

Probability is a key ingredient to knowing what size trade you should take. ODDS EXP gives you the market’s assessment of probability fast and easy.

Manage Risk Better

Knowing what the market expects lets you gauge the odds of risk, giving you a better chance of achieving your

Know What Your Competition is Thinking

ODDS EXP instantly translates option prices and risk metrics into probability-based price forecasts for any stock, any index, any ETF.

Accurately assess what the market is really thinking by measuring what traders are actually doing.

Visualize the outlook for any stock by observing what traders are doing with their options trades.

Stop relying on fickle polls and misleading surveys and get investor’s expectations based on real dollars and cents.

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